Six Flags Theme Park, Jackson, NJ

Myself and my six years old daughter went to Six Flags park in Jackson, NJ last Saturday. The park is big and there are a lot of attractions there.

The main reason for our visit was that my daughter had a free ticket from her school. I was shocked when preparing for the trip that the cost of ticket for adult was $70. When whole family goes for such a trip, the amounts quickly add up to quite a big number.
Six Flags advertises online tickets for adults for $50, but, on checkout, they add $8 so called processing fee. Can’t they just say that the online price is $58?
Also, why does Six Flags impose $24 parking fee? Shouldn’t parking be included in the entrance fee?

Before entering the park, I felt as in an airport: out bags were searched. We went thru metal detectors. At least, they did not ask us to dispose off liquids in bottles.

I brought my backpack. I did see lockers for $12-$15. I feel that this fee was excessive.

There quite a few people in the park. We had to wait a long time before any attraction. It was too much for my daughter. After waiting 20-25 minutes in line she was asking to leave. I had to beg her to stay in line for a few more minutes so we could go for a ferris wheel ride.
My experience was that we waited for 20-40 minutes for the attraction that lasted 3 minutes.

At the end of our stay we took shuttle bus to the nearby Hurricane Harbor water park where it appeared that the theme park tickets were no good for the water park.

I was definitely not impressed.