Ribs on a pellet smoker

I bought recently a pellet smoker. I couldn’t resist: it was a floor sample, 75% off regular price! It was trucked to my house already assembled. The smoker is heavy – 180 pounds, it must be good!

I am still experimenting with settings to achieve better meat smokiness. Right now, I can barely smell smoke. I tried to put wood chips on the heat deflector, but @ 200F chips do not produce smoke. A week later I smoked two slabs of ribs, boneless port butt and bacon. Total over sixteen pounds of meat. Still had some unused space. This time I used mesquite pellets. No sufficient smoke smell.
My old barrel smoker allows for a slow air movement and that helps smoke better penetrate meat.
I set to smoker to 200F and kept the ribs there for 5 hours. Then I wrapped the ribs in heavy duty aluminum foil and kept them in smoker for another 2 hours at 230F. Ribs tasted good, but I could hardly smell any smoke.